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Video analysis and coaching systems

NOMAD™ Studio and Portable Video Analysis Coaching Systems for Tennis

Powerful multicamera video coaching systems preconfigured with MotionView™

Our turnkey

NOMAD™ Video Coaching Systems for tennis

are perfect for those who want a complete tennis video analysis solution, but dont want to worry about hardware selection and integration. Our integration team configures and tests each

NOMAD™ tennis video coaching system

we ship to guarantee a fully functional package to our valued customers.

You will also receive 3 hours of personal training via telephone and remote desktop, so you can get up to speed quickly! Just turn it on and you are ready to coach!

You will receive all new components with original manufacturers warranties. All products are shipped to you in their original packaging,complete with full manufacturers documentation, cables, cds, accessories, etc.

Our Studio NOMAD™ Video Coaching System is an incredibly capable high speed video recording and coaching solution for tennis!

Capable of up to 1,000FPS video capture (combined). Camera options include 640x480 cameras running at 120FPS to 500FPS per camera, or HD 720p (1280x720) cameras running at 60FPS each. These agile systems can support up to 8 cameras!

No other studio video coaching system comes close to this level of performance at our prices!

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Our all new Tablet NOMAD™ Video Coaching System is the worlds most portable video coaching solution for tennis or any other sport! Capable of 120FPS video capture at 640x480 resolution when using the optional USB 3.0 machine vision camera. No other portable video coaching system even comes close to this level of performance!

For untethered filming and video analysis use the built-in rear facing Microsoft Lifecam (30FPS at 960x544).

The freedom this tablet video coaching device offers is amazing! Includes our Classic™ laptop tripod with adjustible 11x14 mounting plate. Click the picture to see pricing.

Our laptop NOMAD™ video coaching system offers the ultimate flexibility for coaching tennis . Capable of dual camera, high speed video capture, with full sized screen and keyboard for easy video coaching. Comes with our Ultra™ Laptop Tripod and hardshell carry case as pictured.

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