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Tennis video break down and tagging software

MotionView™ Game Film Editing and Tagging Software for Tennis

Use MotionView™ Data Collector for game film editing and video tagging of any team sport!

MotionView™ Data Collector software is affordable, powerful, and easy to use! If you are a tennis coach in need of video editing or tagging software for your tennis team, then you have come to the right place!


MotionView™ is the perfect game film editing software for amateur tennis teams. Capture video from cell phones, still-shot cameras, or tablets, then tag the plays and review with your team in slow motion!


Use MotionView™ to create "voice-over" video commentaries and highlight films for recruiters, scouts, and your tennis players. Share them for free via the cloud!

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"All my thanks to MotionView™ for its great features. My students and players at all levels are improving rapidly now that I have this product. With it's very low price and great features it is, in my opinion, the best tool available!"
Yves Latreille - Professional Coach, France (ATP/RPT/USPTA/EASITENNIS/ATPCA)

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World class video editing software for tennis, at a price you can afford!

MotionView™ tennis game film video editing and tagging software

supports video capture from many types of devices. Our Wifi Video Grabber™ software allows you to wirelessly capture video from any smart phone. Or you can use any combination of up to 4 Firewire, Gigabit Ethernet (GigE), USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Machine Vision Cameras, Web Cameras, Video Grabbers, or IP Cameras!

The software also performs automatic video conversion from virtually all file formats, so you can analyze tennis videos from digital still shot cameras, memory sticks, Android® or iPhone® cameras... the possibilities are endless!

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